From Huffington Post: Michael Salguero  Where you decide to shop this holiday season could have a major impact on both the economy and our environment, according to a new infographic from CustomMade, the online marketplace for custom goods. With the holidays just around the corner, this is the season for big box retailers and e-commerce […]

by Civic Economics, September 2010 This study examined financial data from 15 locally owned businesses in New Orleans and compared their impact on the local economy to that of an average SuperTarget store. The study found that only 16% of the money spent at a SuperTarget stays in the local economy. In contrast, the local […]

by Civic Economics, May 2007 This study finds that San Francisco remains a stronghold for locally owned businesses, which generate sizable benefits for the city’s economy. The study has three parts. The first calculates market shares for independents and chains in several categories: bookstores, sporting goods stores, toy stores, and casual dining restaurants. In all […]

The Institute for Local Self-Reliance in partnership with the Advocates for Independent Business recently announced the results of their 2015 survey, which showed that independent businesses saw strong sales growth in 2014 as more consumers embraced the “buy local” movement and ditched big companies in favor of supporting local retailers and small-scale producers.   Respondents – […]

by Civic Economics, September 2008 This study concludes that if residents of Grand Rapids and surrounding Kent County, Michigan, were to redirect 10 percent of their total spending from chains to locally owned businesses, the result would be $140 million in new economic activity for the region, including 1,600 new jobs and $53 million in […]

by Tischler & Associates, July 2002 Sprawling shopping centers cost taxpayers in Barnstable, Massachusetts, more than they produce in revenue, according to this analysis. The study compares the tax revenue generated by different kinds of residential and commercial development with the actual cost of providing public services for each land use. The study found that […]