Shift Your ShoppingShift Your Shopping: Vote With Your Dollars

From November 1st to December 31st this year, the White Mountain Independents will be working extra hard to ensure your spending matches the community values you support.  To make our “think local first” message stronger, WMI will be participating in the Shift Your Shopping campaign.  This national movement encourages citizens to support job creation and economic growth through their holiday purchases at locally owned and independent businesses.

Shift Your Shopping combines the efforts of more than 140 local business alliances, including NH Made, Monadnock Buy Local, Seacoast Local and the White Mountain Independents here in New Hampshire, and represents over 38,000 locally owned businesses. The campaign seeks to build an annual tradition that strengthens local economies, expands employment, nurtures a sense of community, and provides a more relaxed, fun, and rewarding gift-buying experience.

“Shift Your Shopping promotes the united vision and voice of thousands of real people in real communities across the U.S. and Canada committed to building strong local economies,” said Business Alliance of Local Living Economies (BALLE) Executive Director, Michelle Long.  Please join us by voting with your dollars this holiday season.  In turn, we will create a true holiday gift to our community that will keep on giving throughout the New Year.

The campaign includes the signature Plaid Friday Event on November 24th, the day after Thanksgiving.  Citizens wear plaid, while out in the community on Plaid Friday, to show their support for our local economy.  Some of our White Mountain Independent businesses will serve as Plaid Friday Hubs, acting as Shift Your Shopping ambassadors while taking photographs of plaid clad shoppers for a Plaid Friday Collage.

We’re also celebrating Small Business Saturday and Cider Monday. Join the White Mountain Independents in promoting a Festive – not Frantic Holiday Shopping season.


Cider Monday Plaid Friday Small Business Saturday