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The White Mountain Independents, an association of locally owned and operated retail stores,
is participating in a national “Shop Local Indie” promotion through the month of December.

November 27th is “Plaid Friday.”  Check out the event here.

Look for the Blue Flags throughout Mt. Washington Valley, and support the local community!

Anouncing More Gift Certificate Options

Now you can purchase a Gift Certificate from any individual WMI business
Choose a WMI Universal Gift Certificate and let the recipient choose!

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Shop Smart - means - Shop Local! We are your Friends, Family and Neighbors In our Community - Supporting our Community

  • Shop Smart - Shop Local

  • In our Community - Supporting our Community

  • We are Your Friends - Your Family & Neighbors

When you shop – you make a choice – we hope that you will choose to shop at an Independently Owned Store and support the surrounding communities!

Shop With Us…

Look for the Blue Flags

You can make a Difference!

White Mountain Independents

The White Mountain Independents is a Mount Washington Valley, NH, network of locally owned and operated retail businesses in North Conway, Jackson, Bartlett and Intervale that have joined together to promote the positive economic and community benefits of spending dollars locally. By their very nature, the independent store is unique in its ambiance, selection and customer service – it is not a copy of any other store. The owner is your friend or neighbor and they are on the premises to respond to your questions and concerns provide a very special and unique experience.

Individually and as an organization, the White Mountain Independents support other local organizations, charities and activities and are all involved in the community effort. When you shift your shopping to locally owned, independent businesses, you support your own community, neighbors and economy. Shop the White Mountain Independents in Mount Washington Valley, NH!

Give the gift of a WMI Shop Anywhere Gift Certificate – and help us Give Back to our Community.

A Gift that truly keeps on Giving!